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Welcome to the Reformed Baptist Church of Anniesland, Glasgow.

Jim Handyside, Pastor of RBC
We extend a warm welcome to our web site and trust that you find it of some interest. The site tells something of the work and ministry of the Reformed Baptist Church in Anniesland Glasgow, which has been in existence for around forty years and evolved from an evangelistic outreach group for young people in the Sixties.

The principle fundamental pillars of the Church are its seeking to engage in Biblical worship, dynamic prayer meetings as the driving force of its activities; preaching and Bible studies based upon Reformed Theology as set forth in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. In all of the ministries there is an expressed need of the Holy Spirit to lead, direct and energise every area of worship, prayer and service. We have our own distinctives in worship and prayer which we feel are God glorifying and based upon New Testament principles and reflect our spiritual development over the years.

Jim Handyside (Pastor of Reformed Baptist Church)

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